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Related article: Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2005 06:04:34 -0400 (EDT) From: T Chase Subject: Chronicles of Mark Sasson 02The following story is a work of fiction set in the format of reality. Any resemblance to real people is entirely coincidental in nature, and is not meant to accurately reflect persons in towns, cities, or governmental areas, in which the story is staged. If sexual scenes involving porn rape young male to male or bdsm relationships offends you, then you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age, in most states and countries, you are not allowed to read this by law. This is fiction. Don't forget, in real life, to think about 'sexual safety matters'; got condom?"Chronicles of Mark Sasson" 02 (M/t oral anal bdsm) wriTten by T. Chase McPhee%"It's great to have you back on young sex incest your feet, Aron."With sincere thoughts, I walked next to my 'bro', on our way up the country lane, headed to school. In another week, the calendar would declare us a year older, Aron, fifteen and me, sixteen."So, when are we going to meet with Doctor Abel, Mark?""Anxious, are we?""Like me, don't you have a lot of questions, too?""Yeah, hah! I do."Actually, I assembled a young bizare blowjobs list of about thirty-five questions or observations about the gay lifestyle. Originally we planned on combining lists, but Aron's list contained subject matter that corresponded to only his own likes and not mine, making it more personalized."So, when, Mark?""Well, I know that for a fact that on Tuesdays Doctor Abel's office hours end at 3:30.""Great! We can stop by after school and....""French Club?""Oh yeah," Aron reported back, solemnly."Unless you wanted to skip French?""Yeah, but the trip, Mark?""I guess we better go to French Club."I suppose I sounded just as disappointed, visiting Doctor Abel's office, that is. That's what I figured, young girls nipples as Aron threw a smile on his face and dared to barely touch my crotch with the back of his hand."Dammit! Fuck the French Club!" I screamed out."Yes!" Aron followed, shooting his fisted porn rape young arm straight up towards the sky, as if Superman taking off."That is if you don't mind the possibility of missing the trip, Aron?""Hey, I think this is really important. What do you think?""Yeah. Besides, Mr. Toulouse said it would only knock us down one grade if we signed up and didn't go.""Right. There you are. Leave it to you Mark, to think of a loophole."So, we lit out of school at precisely 2:45 and waited patiently at Doctor Abel's office. Fortunately the receptionist left at 2:30, so we didn't have to figure out an excuse to see the doctor. As we sat across from each other, a young guy, maybe in his early thirties left."I liked him, you?" I boldly asked Aron.He quipped back, "I'm not sure with his clothes on!"As we cackled on our own jokes, Doctor Abel made his exit, already clad in a long, white coat."Oh, did we have an appointment, boys?""Um, no," I replied, coolly."But we thought we would come make one," young bizare blowjobs Aron was quick to think."Normally that might be an imposition, however today it is possible. Come in, boys."As Doctor Abel ushered us into one of the rooms, Aron told him, "I want to thank you for saving my life, Doctor Abel."The country doctor motioned as if to say, 'no problem' and held the door for us."Nice office," I mentioned, looking at the long bookcase to one side of the room, loaded with volumnes of leatherbound books and manuals."Thank you. Take a seat here," he guided us to two chairs set before his desk.Doctor Abel then proceeded to close the blinds behind his desk. Getting comfy, he parked himself in his rolling chair, then scooted under the desk."Now, what can I do for you young men?"I felt obliged to begin after Aron tapped his toe on my foot."Um, well, remember when you tended to Aron after his dad whipped him?""Sure, I remember.""You said that Aron and I could come talk to you about the 'homo' thing."A little smile dawned on his face, then he said, "Homosexual. Yes."That response gave the go ahead for both of us to open our bookbags and rummage through them, to dig young colombian porn out our question sheets. I retrieved mine first and handed it to Doctor Abel. His eyebrows naturist young girl perked up."Looks like quite a bit of thought, Mark.""I didn't write all of them down in one day. Maybe only the first five or six. The rest I jotted young sex incest down porn rape young over the past couple of weeks.""Here's my list, Doctor Abel," Aron turned upside right, as he handed him an unfolded piece of notebook paper.Again the eyebrows went up, then down, as he read Aron's list."Hmmm," he expounded, analysing Aron's list a bit more intently. "Your questions are more than the subject of sexuality, I see, Aron.""I don't know, Doctor Abel. Like Mark said, I wrote down a question and that's what it turned out to be. I don't know why, but that's what I feel.""Well, for one thing, Aron, I am happy that you are comfortable with getting your feelings out into the open, rather than harbouring them deep inside."I felt like an idiot, but asked anyway, "So, are those questions that gay guys would ask, Doctor Abel?"He lay both lists out in front of him, ironing Aron's out with his hand."Yes and no. Mark, your list contains infomation pertinet to the homosexual lifestyle, however Aron, your list includes things beyond the normal homosexual realm.""That mean you can't answer all the questions on my list, Doctor Abel?""Oh no. Don't get me wrong, Aron. I'm only categorizing my answer to Mark's questioning. Fortunately, I have had experiences with other aspects related to what two gay men do. And yes, Aron, I can relate to your curiosity."I ventured to ask, on Aron's behalf, "Aron says he likes pain. What do you have to say about that?"Doctor Abel gave both a clinical response, then a watered down version of my question."We all have different reactions to pain. Some can tolerate more than others. Some find it highly enjoyable and equate it to sexual pleasuring.""Aron gets hard when he feels pain."I didn't mean to do it, but Aron, who let me speak on his behalf, began to blush."You said you knew something about this Doctor Abel. What do you know?""Well..." he began to say, then slightly pushed himself away from his desk. Putting both palms to his faces, he rubbed it as if refreshing it with water and then replied, "I still have a healthy practice, so I suppose you boys haven't reported my secret to anyone.""Oh, Mark and I can keep a secret. Don't you worry about that Doctor Abel.""Yeah, I told you we both could and we can, Doctor Abel. In fact anything you say to us, Aron and I already agreed to keep secret.""We're not going to tell our dads or anyone," Aron spelled out our decision."Well, alright."Coughing, I guess Doctor Abel tried reorganizing his thoughts, as he shimmied in his chair, sitting more upright and then leaning his elbows on his desk."I'm going out on a very long limb here, boys. Nobody knows anything about all this, except a select few and now you two will know. But I implore to you that you must keep this in absolute secrecy," he Dancer tap young related it dramatically to us.As if reading each other's mind, which seemed to happen often, the two of us make the 'cross your young girl cumshots heart' sign and said, "Oh, we promise!"Doctor Abel smiled and then replied, "Okay then. First of all, why don't you call me Alex.""Alex?" I said."Yes. From now on I think we will be more friends than..."Aron piped up with, "Oh, I couldn't call you that, Doctor Abel. You're way older than me!"Doctor Abel smiled and observed, "I suppose that is part of your formal upbringing.""Yeah," I replied, "your an adult, Doctor Abel and we're teen guys."Another smile graced his lips."Well, I think doctor is a bit formal for our new relationship.""How about Mister?" Aron came up with.I zoomed it down with, "Dumb!""Well you come up with something, Mark!" he retorted."I dunno. How about something we call our dads for short, like... like..."Aron cut in, "Sir?"Doctor Abel's eyebrows went up and a smile drew across his face. We sensed he liked that.I inquired, "That bring em young okay?""Um, oh sure. Yes, if you two boys like it.""It's up to you Doctor Abel... I mean, 'sir'," Aron asked for both of us. Then he said, "What about our lists. We can't stay too long.""Oh yes, well I see that some of the questions on both lists look the same. Worded differently, young vixens but correspond to the same idea. Why don't you boys leave these with me to analyze and then come back and we'll talk about them?""Sounds alright to me, Doctor Ab... I mean, porn thumbs youngest sir," Aron replied."Is tomorrow good?" I asked, excitedly."Well..." he leaned to his right and flipped through his date book. "Actually no. Fridays tend to be quite hectic, however I am free the whole day on Saturday.""It's good for us," Aron answered. "I think. Is it good for us, Mark?"I seconded it with, "Yeah, but we've got to do our morning chores first. Maybe we could come here after lunch.""Oh, I wouldn't be in the office, but we could meet at my home, if that suits you two boys.""Your home?""Yes. young little modles I actually don't live far from you boys. porn rape young Do you know the place out by Tucker Road?""That... that's your place?" I asked.Aron says, astounded, "Somebody rich lives there. That's you?""Well, I'd hardly call myself rich, by I do keep the place up.""That's a mansion!" I recalled."As I said, I keep it up," Doctor Abel kept it lowkeyed. "Oh, one more thing before you boys go.""Sure," I answered for both of us, as we turned back to face him in his reception area."Have either of you boys fucked each other?""Fucked?" Aron said, as I repeated the same."You do know what fucking means?"I replied, "Sure we do.""A guy and a guy?" Aron quizzed the doctor."Ah-huh."Aron and I looked at each other. We had no idea about 'that' kind of fucking until just now."I guess that answers my question. I'll see you boys Saturday afternoon around one?""We'll be there."%"Hee heee...""What?" Came my usual reply, knowing Aron had a dopey conclusion to tell me, after walking out of Doctor Abel's office."Plain as the nose on the end of your face, Mark. Don't tell me you didn't see it!""Oh 'that'. Yeah, I took notice all right.""So, how long do you think he is, Mark?""That's a fuckin' stupid question, Aron. Could you tell how big it was with his pants on?""No, but it sure looked bigger than your's, with your pants on, Mark.""Your's too, Aron. In fact, the bulge had to be bigger than any guy's at school.""You're telling me. Do you think his cock is longer than Juan's?""Juan's, huh?"I had to stop in my tracks and think about that one for a few seconds. It's not the first time that Aron and I had spoken about the subject of Juan's anatomy."I don't know.""You mean it took you all that time to come up with nothing, Mark? young bizare blowjobs Shit!""Well, you tell me then, Aron.""Yeah, I think Doctor young extrem porn Abel is a lot Hae kim young bigger than Juan.""And what makes you think that?""Easy. He's older. We're teenagers. Doctor Abel is over twenty.""True. Yeah, I guess.""Hee heeee...""What now, Aron?""I wonder just how long Juan is?""Why don't you ask him, Aron?" I acted sarcastic."Might just do that.""Huh? Yeah, sure, Aron.""I don't think he would mind."Aron had that look on his face that said, 'I know something that you don't know'. Like a hundred times before, I crossed over in front of Aron. My bookbag over my left shoulder only enabled me to place one hand on my hip. I stare straight at my cousin-'bro'."Okay, spit it out!""Hee heee... Juan's a homosexual, too!"Well, that floored me."Close your mouth, Mark, unless you feel like catching flies!""When?""When what?""When did you find out, Aron? And... and how?""Do you remember telling me about how you sniffed Packer's pubes?""Yeah?""Well two days ago in gym class I caught Juan staring at mine.""And you fuckin' didn't tell me, nimphets young Aron? Fine brother you are!""We're cousins, Mark.""You know what I mean. You little sneak.""Oooooh, Mark. You aren't mad at me, are you?"It would seem that I was, as I traisped off down the country young ru mpeg lane with Aron in my dust."C'mon Mark! Wait up!"This time our roles became reversed, as Aron blocked my path."Ouch!""Serves you right for getting in my way.""I was going to tell young girl cumshots you, Mark.""When? After you kissed him?""That's low, Mark. You know that the only guy I kiss is you."How can I stay angry at my cousin-'bro'-loverman? Especially when he's pleading, with those beautiful eyes and his lips puckered, waiting for me to make up with him!"Yeah, okay.""Let me hear you say it, Mark.""Why do you have to be so difficult, Aron?""I'm not. I just want to be sure. That's all, Mark.""Okay. I forgive you, Aron.""And?""And I still love you."Even though they stood in the lane, like two on a deserted island, Aron looked young vixens about, after the thought of throwing his arms around Mark."Ooops!""Will you watch it, Aron!""Sooorrr-ree!""You know what'll happen if our dads catch us.""Our dads. What about the guys at school?""Exactly. I have no intentions of getting what you got.""Your dad didn't mean that, Mark.""Yeah, well it's the last time I'll drop the bucket down the well without making sure it's attached!""Um, at least I didn't think your dad meant it.""No. He was just pissed off, that's all. That day you got the whipping my dad said he would never beat me like that. He said that only animals get whipped like that, and I can't believed you got hard!"Aron smiled at me. We'd hashed that one over and I knew the answer already. I smiled back"C'mon, before we both get it for getting home late!""So, you don't want to know about Juan then?""We can run the last mile," I decided, my curiosity piqued out.Ducking out of the lane, we sat down on a log in the middle of a clearing we've visited many a time."So?""Oh yeah, so there I stood, with only my socks on, in the lockerroom.""Where was Juan?""You know where my locker is, two doors down from John Daly's?""Yeah.""Juan young kds naked sat on the bench in front of Daly's locker.""Time out. How come Juan wasn't at his own locker?""He forgot his key.""Damn keys. How come we can't have combinations like regular schools?""Want to know about Juan?""Yeah, go ahead... go ahead, bro.""So, he's looking at me... well, my pubes and looks up, I guess to see if I'm looking.""And you were.""Yeah. I looked to my left and down at precisely the time Juan's looking up and our eyes meet. He laughs.""Laughs?""Yeah, you know. Like I laugh.""Oh. That 'hee hee' laugh.""Yeah. That's it.""I didn't know that Spanish kids did the 'hee hee' laugh.""C'mon, Mark. Don't be a dope.""Yeah, okay. Then what happened?""He said 'nice' and grinned.""Nice? What's that supposed to mean?""That's what I asked Juan.""And what did he say?""He said sorry.""For looking at your cock? What did you say?""Hee heee... I thanked him.""You thanked him, Aron?" I mimiced, "Like you said, 'thank you for telling me my cock is nice?'""No, asshole, I just said 'thank you'.""Juan say, 'you're welcome'?""He said something john paul young about us being the same and then asked if he could suck my cock sometime.""Holy naturist young girl shit!""Yeah, he did.""And you said?""I told him I had to ask you.""Oh great," I sighed."What's wrong with that, Mark?""Now he knows I'm a homosexual, too!""So? He's one too. What difference would it make?""I don't know."I had to think about this one. With the relief of my backpack off my shoulder, I could stand with one hand on my hip and rub that imaginary goatee. At least I could feel the few hairs there, that were coming in!"Mark, it doesn't matter," Aron pleaded, then in wondering, asked, "does it?""Oooh, I guess not," I finally gave in, sitting down next to Aron."Tell me you're not mad at me, Mark?"I knew where this was leading."Don't worry, Aron. I forgive you and still love you.""There's more."My head moved so fast to my left that I felt the breeze on my face."What do you mean, there's more?""Well, I kind of told Juan about getting the whipping from my dad and how I got hard and...""You told Juan you liked it? That you liked pain?""He likes it too!""Holy shit, Aron!""It's nothing, Mark.""I suppose you told him about Doctor Abel, too?""Oh nooooooo! I would never do that, Mark. We crossed our hearts and swore to that.""I don't know, Aron.""He's okay with it, Mark. Honest he is, but I also told him not to say anything to anybody youngest japan nude else, especially you.""Me, huh?""Yeah, at least until I told you.""Which would have been?""Honestly, Mark. I was going to 3d porn young tell you tonight. I wanted to wait until I got you in bed. You know. When I make you relax the way I nude tgp young do?"At this point I settled half between the facts and reminiscing over the times Aron has really treated me nicely with his tongue, in bed."Yeah, okay. Guess it's no big deal. So, can Juan be trusted?""Yeah. Juan doesn't have any guy to talk to about this except me.""You mean he doesn't have another guy like you and me?""Right, except.....""He has a boyfriend?""No, but he did say he's messed around with his older cousin.""So, he has had some homosexual experience, then?""Yes, but not with guys young extrem porn his own age. Which brings me to the question..."By this time nothing surprised me. In fact I could almost guess the next question coming from Aron's lips. So sure, I decided to precede his curiosity."Juan wants the three of us to get together," I spilled out."Well yeah. Didn't surprise you, huh Mark?""I thought so.""He wants to suck my cock and your's too, if you want?""I don't know, Aron. We've got to talk about this, but the sun's sinking in the sky.""Yeah, we better get a move on it and hightail it out of here."With that, we picked up our bags, slung both handles over our arms and beat it out of there, waging war on the cobbles of the country road.%"What happened to you boys?"I answered for us, "We ran into a friend and talked awhile."Uncle Seth approached Aron, "This is not the first time I've warned you about this, Aron.""I know father.""Drop your things inside. I'll be waiting for you in the barn.""But father...""Do what I say, young man!"My dad and I exchanged glances. We knew what had to be, had to be. However, maybe my smarts from school and all 3d porn young this talk youngest japan nude about equality got the best of my thinking."The way you punish Aron is not right, Uncle Seth!"I never saw Uncle Seth show 'shock' on his face like just now.Dad said, "Mark!""No dad, if you're not man enough to say it," which had been the wrong choice of words, "then at least somebody's got to stand up and tell him!""See what your leniency has produced, Ethan?"I took a gulp. It occured to me that at this moment my dad was caught between a rock and a hard place. Also, I knew my outburst embarrassed him. But, what I came out with next, surprised the hell out of all of us."Well, I can take it like a man, too!"The two dads never seemed more shocked, as I dropped my bookbag in the dust and they watched as I unbuttoned my shirt."Mark, don't...""No! What's good enough for Aron, is good enough for young illigal girls me!"What a huff I was in. Taking my shirt off, the sleeves turning inside out, I balled it up and threw it on the dirt, as if dribbling elegant young panty a basketball. Only it didn't bounce back."Well, Ethan?"Aron's dad called the shots now and stood mighty proud of himself at this point. Then Aron showed up."Mark? What the fuck you....oops!" He caught himself too late.Punishment is one thing. I never saw either my dad, nor Aron's strike either of us, but that slap across Aron's face, with his dad's open palm, sent him pummeling from the path, into the young girls nipples grass."Don't you ever let me catch you talking like that again, Aron! Up! March! Into the barn!"Seth Harrell marched first, leading the way. I, far too indignant than worrying about the consequences, followed behind."Son, wait!" I heard my dad call out, but didn't adhere to his calling.When he caught up, I didn't look, as I shrugged his hand off my arm. I kept my pace up, behind Uncle Seth. I supposed that Aron brought up the rear, as the four of us stood together when assembled in the barn. Uncle Seth already had his belt withdrawn from the loops of his pants. Aron began stripping his shirt and as he passed in front of me, he gave me a strange look and threw his balled up shirt into the middle of my chest. Prancing across the barn, to where his father stood, he didn't need coaching to heave his shoulders over the slab of wood. youngsex girls We had termed this the 'whipping table', after Aron's first punishment.Rather angrily, my father dictated, "Mark, stop this foolishness and come in the house!""Here!" I further contradicted my father, throwing Aron's shirt in the center of his body.With steady pace, I walked quickly over to my cousin-'bro' and heaved my body over the slat. Felt kind of sensitive to have that rough wood tangle with my chest and stomach, but my mind quickly deviated to the matters at hand."You stupid fool!" Aron said to me."Just standing up for what's right!""Get up while you still can, Mark!" My dad yelled."No. I'm tired of younger lesbian all this stuff with you being the only one.""My dad'll whip you too, if you don't get up, Mark!" Aron cautioned me."Then so be it.""Why?""Is it so tough for you to guess, Aron?"Another wrong-o. I reached out and grabbed Aron's hand."What's this?" My father said, taking our hands in his."I told you young ru mpeg they were a couple of faggots, Ethan," Uncle Seth told him, with a tenacity in his voice.My dad turned red. I've seen him in a rage before, but not like this. This was an uncontrolled manner. He pushed our hands down so hard, it made both of us say, 'ouch'."Now we're in for it, Mark."I looked back over my left shoulder and saw something I didn't think my dad would ever surrender to. He loosened the buckle of his belt. I gulped. He might have backed down, only Uncle Seth kept badgering him on."Told you that's what a growing boy needs, Ethan. They never would have been faggots if you applied the lash when needed!"My dad kept silent, as he withdrew his belt from his pants."Well, you going to get with it, Ethan?"I glanced back once more as my father held his leather belt doubled in half, in his hands. Right now he seemed torn between doing the deed. However, Uncle Seth's mesmerizing talk, kept him in focus.Walking over next to me, my dad said simply, "I hope this will teach you a lesson, son.""A lesson dad? What? A lesson not to love someone, because you love them?"He gave that hopeless feeling and then moved behind me, to the side, as Uncle Seth had done."Here, let me show you how it's done, Ethan."Uncle Seth moved my dad out of the way. 'Shit!' I thought, 'I didn't think it would be Uncle Seth whipping me!' But what did I expect when I heaved myself over the 'whipping table', my side ploughed up against Aron's ribs? Something broke the evil spell of fear though, when Aron squeezed my hand. I looked towards him. Deep within his eyes I looked and saw something there that broke down the walls of fear. We connected. He smiled at me and then I smiled back. That was until we both felt the pangs of that first lash, striking simultaneously Hae kim young across our backs."Akkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk," I screamed.'Fuck!' I thought. That's the worst pain I had ever felt in my entire career as a kid!"I can take care of my own boy!" I heard dad say, prior to feeling his hand on my shoulder.The 'whipping table' had been long enough to fit ten guys my size over. Dad's grip and hyper condition pulled me off and slapped me down about four feet from where I youngsex girls was slouched over the slab of wood. It also dislodged our clutched hands.Aron yelled out, "I love you, Mark!""Me too!" I replied, not giving a damn about who heard what."Yeah, well I'm about to change that!" youngest legal porn Aron's father said to him."Nothing you can do can make me change my feelings for Mark!" Aron spelled out adamantly."We'll see about that!"I'm sure my dad didn't pour it on as heavy as Aron's dad. Sure, dad's belt landed across my shoulder blades and it hurt like hell, but I wasn't crying out half as much as Aron."That's enough, Seth!"Realizing I wasn't being whipped anymore, I looked over to my right. Dad had his hand around Uncle Seth's wrist, keeping him from striking Aron's back with his belt."I hope both of you boys learned your lesson!" Uncle Seth yelled at both of us.My dad came to take me away. I still had some fire in my will and replied to him, "Damn you!"Uncle Seth coaxed him away. They left us hanging over the 'whipping table'.I swear that dad took it real easy on me. Sure, it felt like I had been working two twelve hour young phedophilia cunt shifts in the blazing sun, without a shirt on, but my only thought had been getting to Aron. When I stood, I felt like I had an aching back. Walking had been another detail, but I had a compelling need to get to Aron. Quite astonished, as I plopped myself down on the whipping table, Aron was conherent."Hee... heee..." came the deranged laugh. "Wasn't so bad, huh?""You're a sick fuck!""Oooooh!"I did wind up catching Aron and staggering we both made it over to the well. It hurt like hell to draw a bucketfull of water up to top and heave it out, but I did for Aron, as well as myself. Using his shirt, I sopped it up til it was soaked."This is going to hurt, Aron.""Whatever."Right away I could tell that Uncle Seth hadn't delivered as many lashes across Aron's back."Not as bad as the last time.""Yeah. He didn't want to kill me. Just maim.""He wanted to brainwash you.""And you, Mark?""Yeah, me bring em young too. Man, I didn't know my dad had it in him.""He was angry.""Angry enough to treat me like an animal, Aron?""He was angry, Mark. So was my dad.""Yeah. I know. I'm almost afraid to walk in the house.""Me too."Then, part of the heartbreaking moment, Aron began crying."Mark I love you and nothing my dad or anyone can keep me from doing or saying that.""I love you too, Aron, but maybe for now we have to pretend.""Pretend?""Yeah. Listen, my dad and your dad are intelligent, but stupid too.""How's that go, Mark?""I'm sure Doctor Abel can make more sense of this than we can, but as I see it, they think that they just beat the homosexuality out of us.""What the fuck, Mark?""Yeah. They beat the 'faggot' out of us, so we have to pretend they did it.""How?""By not doing stuff that homo's do.""But I like sleeping with you and licking you, Mark.""I like it too, but in order to survive, we've gotta keep it lowkeyed.""I hate that word.""I know you do. In fact I don't think you like much about your dad or what he says. Do you, Aron?""Yeah, well.""You can say it, Aron."As I held Aron in my arms, I sensed a melancholy moment, but not any love wasted on Uncle Seth."Aron, do you feel any love for your dad?"Another short moment of silence followed. This time it had been me badgering Aron for an answer."No. Damn it, Mark! I love your dad more.""Me too.""Mark?""Yeah?""Do you love your dad even though he whipped you?""Yeah I do. He didn't really want to do it though.""But he did it.""Yeah, because like you said, I was foolish. I kind of willed him on, but I don't regret it.""You did it for me, didn't you?""I love you Aron. Yeah, I did it for you, but I sure as hell didn't think it right that you get beat all the time, even if you do claim you young sex incest half like it."Aron, leaning against my chest looked up and I could see the humor in his face at my statement, frowning; his smile turned upside down."You fool!""So what are we going to do, Mark?""Well, if we still want to live together, we've got to go in there and apologize.""Do what the fuck?""Aron, it's the only thing usenet young porn we can do, other than run away.""Now there's a thought, Mark.""C'mon, let's get you up."I didn't feel half bad as young nn password I slipped away from Aron. He winced as my stomach and then rough elegant young panty pants sort of scratched along his back."You liked that, I take it?" I kidded him when we both stood there."What can I say, Mark? I told you I love you.""Freak!" I joked with him, as I put his arm over my shoulder and the other around his waist.As I lugged him towards the farmhouse, I coaxed Aron into an apologetic frame of mind."Just say your sorry, Aron.""But what about us being homo's, Mark?""Say it's a passing thing. In fact tell them we have girl friends. That'll really convince them.""Who?""Our dads, stupid.""No, I mean who are our girl friends?""Oh. Um, Sally Moriches and.... and Hazel Bishop.""Ugh.""It's only pretend, Aron. They'll never know the difference and it'll keep them off our backs.""Hee... heeee...""What's so funny, Aron?""You Mark. Keep them off our backs?""Well, I didn't mean it that way. Now get ready to do the best acting job of your life, Aron, will ya?""What? And pass up another hot whipping, Mark?""Aron, you're a sick fuck!"%Must be a virus going 'round... continued......... Copyright 2005 T. Chase McPhee All Rights Reserved. www.assgm.net www.nifty.org Permission is NOT granted to publish this story to any PAY site, nor any site that is not listed above, without the author's prior consent.
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